Available seven days per week, year-round, for private groups! 33 passenger vintage trolley or by coach!

Relax with us on the trolley discovering and enjoying Rochester, Minnesota’s unique personality and character! 

Definition of ICONIC

  1. An iconic image or thing is important or impressive because it seems to be a symbol of something – in this case, of Rochester, MN! 

We’ve identified 25 sites — THE TOP 25 SITES — that lend Rochester, Minnesota its unique identity and character along with zest, flair, and its sometimes-quirky personality! 25 icons that simply couldn’t be found anywhere else BUT HERE! Some big, some small, some famously obvious, while others fly under the popular radar in relative though-still-iconic obscurity. To be bold, these sites are legend, whether to visitors from around the world or locals enthralled by sites that lend Rochester, Minnesota its distinctive character. 

Many of these sites have survived the tests of time to shape the city’s history, identity, as well as add layers to its complex, one-of-a-kind personality – often in indelible ways.  Other sites are nearly brand-new yet so unique, eye-catching, and instrumental to the fabric and future of the city that they achieved iconic status from the start! 

Discover “Iconic Rochester” and see the Med City with fresh eyes! Whether you’re a short-term visitor, relative newcomer, or lifelong resident, this tour is guaranteed to be engaging!

This private group trolley tour includes all the city’s major Mayo historical sites — as well as a whole lot more! 


  • Peace Plaza/Peace Fountain

  • Historic Chateau Theatre

  • Mayo Clinic/Feith Family Statuary

  • Calvary Episcopal Church

  • Kahler Grand Hotel

  • Jacobson Proton Beam Building

  • Historic Avalon Hotel & Old Armory Castle Community Building 

  • Downtown Rochester & Broadway Ave 

  • Historic Third Street

  • Mayo Civic Center & Rochester Art Center

  • Mayo Field & Rochester Honkers

  • Oakwood Cemetery

  • Former Rochester State Hospital Campus & Today’s Sites

  • Sekapps Orchard

  • Quarry Hill Nature Center & Park

  • Silver Lake Park & Limestone Arch Bridges

  • Rochester Skyline

  • 1946 Dairy Queen Hut on North Broadway ~ Stop for Ice Cream! 

  • Cheap Charlies Railroad Cafe

  • Assisi Heights & Indian Heights Park

  • Kutzky Park Neighborhood/Greek Orthodox Church

  • Gift of Life Transplant House

  • Canadian Honker Restaurant

  • St. Marys Hospital & Chapel

  • Frank Lloyd Wright Houses

  • Historic Stoppel Pioneer Farm

  • Historic Mayowood Mansion & Estate

  • Graham Park/Olmsted County Fairgrounds/Ear of Corn Water Tower

  • Plummer House

  • Pill Hill National Historic District & Pill Hill 1927 Water Tour

  • Mayo Foundation House

  • Plummer Building/Original 1928 Mayo Clinic/Carillon Tower

  • Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial/Soldiers Field Park


  • Your group selects the tour date, start time, and pickup location!

  • Recommended duration is about 2 hours roundtrip! 

  • This private group tour is available seven days per week! 

  • Transportation via a 33 passenger vintage trolley or by coach! 

  • You may get off the trolley at 2-3 sites for closer look & there can be a courtesy break about halfway through the tour! 

  • Your group will receive a flat discounted private group tour rate!